The third element of the Mental Preparation for Competitions is Competition Evaluation. 

Competition Evaluation:

  • Extract important lessons from every experience
  • Integrate this into your plan for the next event

The best performers in any field take time to assess their performances after the event. For formal events there may be evaluations to review and true champs look them over carefully, making note not only of the accolades but also of criticisms.  They do this because they know that mistakes are opportunities to learn and to grow and they seriously consider the critiques and reflect on how they might improve their performance in the future. 

If there are no formal evaluations, you can certainly ask people to let you know what they liked about what you did and what suggestions for improvement they might have.  It is also a good idea for you to take time to think about what you liked and what you would do differently next time. 

I have many assessment tools for this purpose which I will discuss in future posts.  For now, remember that the Championship Mindset demands that you – as someone who wants to become a superb performer -  eagerly look for feedback about all your performances from others and that you embrace any mistake and set-back as wonderful opportunities to grow and learn and thrive.

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